Gany's Nether is compatible with pretty much any other mod.

But for a few mods there's even more!

Thaumcraft 4:Edit

-All Items have aspects

-Cooking Blaze Mesh on the Infernal Furnace gives you nuggets

-Sceptres can be enchanted with Repair

NotEnoughItems (NEI):Edit

-Look up Magmatic Centrifuge recipes

-Look up Reproducer recipes

-Look up lava yield on the Volcanic Furnace


-Tungsten hoe can till netherrack as well

Applied Energistics:Edit

-Cooking Certus Quarts Ore on the Magmatic Centrifuge gives you an extra dust pile bonus

-Wheat + Diamond in the Magmatic Centrifuge gives you flour and the diamond back

Thermal Expansion 3:Edit

-8 Chiselled stone brick and a silverfish scale in an Induction Smelter gets 1 gravel and a 5% of an emerald

-Pulveriser recipe for Spectre Wheat

-Magma Crucible recipe for melting Lava Berries into lava