Remember the spawn eggs you got using the Sceptre of Concealment? What if you could multiply them without having to kill more mobs?! That's possible :D

Using the reproducer, you can duplicate your eggs using mob drops :D

Let's say we need more creepers, and we have plenty of skeletons. Put the creeper egg on the left with the respective drop on the top (gunpowder) And the egg you don't mind losing on the right with it's drop on the bottom.

Like this:


Wait for it to cook and you'll end up with this:


It's a nice way to get wither skeletons! Get one and then just multiply it :D

Here's the list of the mob drops you must use: TO SEE THIS LIST IN GAME USE THE MOD NEI AND PRESS "U" OVER A SPAWN EGG

Skeleton = Bone

Wither Skeleton = Coal

Creeper = Gunpowder

Spider = Spider Eye

Zombie = Rotten Flesh

Slime = Slime Ball

Ghast = Ghast Tear

Zombie Pigman = Gold Nugget

Enderman = Ender Pearl

Silverfish = Silverfish Scale

Blaze = Blaze Rod

Magma Cube = Magma Cream

Bat = Bat Wing

Witch = Glow Stone

Pig = Raw Pork Chops

Sheep =White Wool

Cow = Beef

Chicken = Raw Chicken

Squid = Ink Sack

Wolf = Wolf Teeth

Mooshroom = Red Mushroom

Snow Golem = Snow Ball

Ocelot = Raw Fish

Iron Golem = Iron Ingot

Horse = Leather

Villager = Emerald


You can use any vanilla spawn egg:3