The ultimate weapon agains mobs! It's expensive, but you won't need to fear anyone! You'll need to carry some eggs with you if you wanna use it! Whatever mob you attack with it will be concealed into one of the eggs in your inventory! It has 128 uses:) (you can change that in the configs file)

It looks like this: 



Also... If you want to spawn normal skeletons in the nether or wither skeletons in the over world... killing them with this sceptre will give you an egg that will only spawn that specific type of skeleton. In shorter words: Kill a wither skeleton. Spawn a wither skeleton in any dimension. Same for the normal one :)

Recipe: Edit

First craft the cap:


Cratfting it like this will get you one use only sceptre:


You can fix depleated sceptres in an anvil!