Tired of having loads of rubbish you don't know what to do with?)= Feel like you need a bit more lava in your life?;) Then the Volcanic Furnace is your perfect block! Melt everything down into lava and use the lava as you wish! Drain it with buildcraft pipes or buckets! Different items yield different amounts of lava. The default for most blocks is 20 mB, which means you'll need 50 of it to get 1 bucket of lava. Some items yield more (try a nether star ;)) and some yield less!

You'll need this block called The Dense Lava Cell:


Now get that with some netherbrick, obsidian and a cauldron, put it all together and...!


Now check out how it works: 



Uhh there's something inside! :O 


The GUI:


Throw anything you don't want in there and it will be melted down into lava!Pipe the lava out from the top or bottom using pipes or put empty buckets on the top-right slot!

The internal tank holds 16 buckets worth of lava.

As of now, it doesn't require any special conditions or fuel to run. This will probably change in the near future.